Our Story

Our story began in early 2018 with the belief that passion drives purpose. Inspired by our pristine Pacific Northwest surroundings and a community dedicated to responsibly-sourced food without artificial ingredients, our passion was to create snacks with simple ingredients that would energize you throughout the day and allow you to indulge in great flavors while on the go. No matter what mountains you're climbing, HighKey gives you the fuel you need to hit all your milestones without compromise.

Snacking should make you feel good - not only with great taste, but also knowing that you're making good choices for your health and lifestyle. HighKey is committed to using only pure, wholesome ingredients that don't require adding chemicals or unpronounceable extras. Made with only simple, clean ingredients, these are snacks that let you fill up on great taste without slowing you down. They give you the nourishment you need to get to your next milestone. Grab them on the go or whenever you need a boost, and take a bite in the right direction.

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