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Mini Cookies
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Being home bound leads to munching throughout the day & kids do not always make healthy choices. But my son can snack on cookies and granola during “e-school” & I can work remotely without nagging! Delicious, even for picky kids. Cindy G.
I was skeptical but these cookies are great! I’ve wasted a lot of money on keto snacks that turn out to taste like bark. These snacks are worth the money! Melody S.
Clean ingredients, low net carbs.... feel free to eat the whole bag! 😜 Txaggie007
Keto Cookies- Being on the Keto diet, it was difficult finding snacks that taste good. These mini cookies taste good and you can eat a bag a day with no issue to your diet. Michael W.
Craving? Time to meet your maker! These mini cookies — chocolate chip, snickerdoodle *and* brownie style — are all... off. The. Chain. I thank the goddess for these, every time I dig my hand into a bag! You people at HighKey are doing the work of the angels!! Robyn F.
Highkey keto Brownie Bites

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"Amazing & Affordable!"

“They're Small Cookies & The Texture Is Just Phenomenal....Oh My God These Are So Good!”

"It smells like Cocoa Pebbles"