The 5 Keto Baking Essentials You Need

There are plenty of ways to make your favorite baked goods keto-friendly with a few simple ingredient swaps. You may have to restock your pantry, but you can still enjoy whipping up some low-carb baked goods even when following the keto diet.

There are different options for flour substitutes, sugar substitutes, and baking oils when following keto, and some work better in certain recipes than others. Which option you choose may also just depend on personal preference. Either way, you’ll want to keep some staples on hand to keep your kitchen equipped for keto-friendly baking. Here are five keto baking essentials you should always have at home:

Keto Baking Essentials for Keto Baking Recipes | HighKey Snacks

1. Flours

 Since any flour made from grains is off limits, you’ll want to equip your kitchen with low-carb alternatives which are typically made from nuts or seeds. Almond flour is the most popular option and given that it is made with just blanched almonds, it is low in carbs and high in fats. Coconut flour is another keto-friendly flour option you can use for baking. It has a low net-carb count and is useful in recipes where you want to obtain a moist consistency. Other low-carb flour substitutes include psyllium husk and flaxseed meal.

Keto Baking Essentials for Keto Baking Recipes | HighKey Snacks

2. Sweeteners

If you’re someone who likes to make dessert, you’ll want a way to add some sweetness to your baked creations without using sugar. Thankfully, there are great tasting keto-friendly options to use in place of conventional sweeteners! Stevia is a natural, plant-based sweetener that contains little-to-no calories or carbs. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that naturally occurs in fruits and from fermentation. It works well for baking, as it can add bulk to your baked goods. Both stevia and erythritol can even be mixed together and used in recipes. Monk fruit, which has zero carbs, is also a viable option, as it is does not spike your blood sugar.

Keto Baking Essentials for Keto Baking Recipes | HighKey Snacks

3. Oils & Butter

You won’t have to change much when it comes to using fats in your keto-friendly baking. You can stick to regular butter which is not only flavorful but high in fat and low in carbs. If you’re sensitive to dairy products, you can use ghee, a type of clarified butter where the milk solids have been removed, leaving behind just the liquid fat. If you’re vegan, coconut oil is a multipurpose oil that can be used in all types of baking and cooking.

Keto Baking Essentials for Keto Baking Recipes | HighKey Snacks

4. Seeds

Ground seeds are high in fiber and fat and low in carbs and are useful to keep on hand to help bind ingredients together. Flax seeds and chia seeds are both great options for keto baking, and they can work for both savory and sweet recipes. If you are unable to find ground flax or chia, you can always buy them whole and blend them at home using a coffee grinder or blender.

Keto Baking Essentials for Keto Baking Recipes | HighKey Snacks

5. Extras

Since baking a keto-friendly recipe involves many substitutions, you’ll want to keep a few additional ingredients in your kitchen to make sure your food still has a rich flavor and texture. Cocoa powder is a great way to make a recipe chocolate-y without having to add sugar-laden chocolate chips. Coconut milk can be used as a creamy milk substitute, adding both flavor and fat to a baked good.

Learning how to bake while doing the keto diet may be an adjustment, but once you realize what ingredients you can utilize, you can still enjoy treats like bread and brownies. Keeping the right items at home can make baking a breeze so you won’t have to miss out on creating some of your favorite foods.


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