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Gluten Free Frosted Protein Cereal



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"Cookies, hot cereal, and brownie mix make this bundle a great way to try a mix of products. I never thought I’d find mixes what were low sugar and tasty but HighKey has mastered that as well as breakfast options that are fast and on my plan. Great tester!"

Elizabeth B.

(BIG flavor + big DISCOUNT)

1 Bag Brownie Baking Mix 

1 Strawberry Hot Cereal (7 bowls per bag 🥣)

1 Cinnamon Spice Hot Cereal 

1 Pack Brownie Bites Mini Cookies

1 Pack Snickerdoodle Mini Cookies

+ Chocolate Chip Cookies FREE 🍪

+ 7 Day Recipe Meal Plan (Save $15)

+ Keto Kickstart Guide FREE

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Dreaming about eating whatever you want?

The whole idea behind HighKey is eating should make you feel good not only with great taste, but also knowing that you're making good choices for your health and lifestyle.

That’s why John originally created HighKey. Our line of KETO friendly choices are made with simple, clean ingredients. So you can fill up on great taste without slowing down.

30,000+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ REVIEWS CAN’T BE WRONG!

This is the BEST low carb cereal on the market

This is the BEST low carb cereal on the market that I have tried. I’ve tried every brand.

Mrs R.

Just like Honey Bunches of Oats!

My son is so happy! He has Type 1 Diabetes and regular cereal is a nightmare to manage. He can have this with unsweetened macadamia nut milk and he really doesn't need a bolus...I think that says a lot about how healthy it is. He is very carb sensitive. This and fruity are his favorite flavors. 

Christine B.

Cereal is back in my life!

I didn’t have cereal for 2 ½ years…enter Highkey Frosted Protein cereal. I’m so happy I bought 2 cases! I love love love it!!!!

Sharon D.

The best cereal ever!

I am such a fan of this cereal! I feel like I’m missing nothing from “traditional” cereals. I cannot say enough about this cereal.

Laura K.

A Skeptic Convinced

I am not going to lie, I was skeptical...After trying two other online brands of low-carb cereal, I was not optimistic AT ALL...No film...No cooling sensation... No aftertaste. Each flavor tastes like THAT flavor unlike others where all of the flavors taste the same. Not to mention, a serving of this...and I am full until lunch. You definitely have a customer for life! 

Sarah b.

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