Please Excuse Our Crumbs. We Are Getting A Make-Over 💁🍪

Welcome to Keytosis!

You dropped the carbs and upped the fat, now it's time to check those Ketones! With our new Keytosis Rewards Program, you can earn 10 points (called ketones) for every $1 you spend. These ketones can be used towards discounts and coupons on future purchases. 

Start your journey:  

1. Create an account

2. Share, Like, Follow, and Shop to earn ketones.

3. Cash in those ketones for discounts and coupons towards future purchases.

Up your ketones:

Treat Yourself:  

redeem rewards for percentage and dollar off discounts

Tell your Friends:

When you refer a friend to our website, not only will they receive $5 off but YOU will receive $5 off, too! 


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Have questions about our rewards program? Check out our FAQ page or send us an email at


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