Instructions for RULES:

  1. Go to  Settings tab.
  2. Open Files.
  3. Remove old image for rule.
  4. Upload new image with the same name and extension .png 

File names:

  • Make a purchase: ll-rule-purchase.png
  • Refer a friend: ll-rule-referral.png
  • Instagram: ll-rule-instagram.png
  • Facebook: ll-rule-facebook.png
  • Twitter: ll-rule-twitter.png
  • Birthday: ll-rule-birthday.png
  • Newsletter: ll-rule-newsletter.png
  • Create an account: ll-rule-signup.png
  • Write a review: ll-rule-review.png
  • Visit a website: ll-rule-pageview.png
  • When try new products: ll-rule-products.png

Instructions for REWARDS:

  1. Go to LoyaltyLion App.
  2. Open  Mange tab.
  3. Open View rewards from right panel.
  4. Find the reward you want add picture for and click Edit.
  5. From the URL copy number before /edit
    • For example from this link: https://app.loyaltylion.com/sites/28093/manage/rewards/85650/edit
    • Number would be  85650
  6. Start the new line in this editor with ***
  7. After that input the number.
  8. You can choose if it will be background image or thumb above the title
    • For thumb don't input anything
    • For background image input ---background---
  9. Then choose the image you want to add to the tile. You can use  icon from the top of this editor.
  10. Save your changes. 

Please don't remove this instructions.










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