HighKey Snacks Mighty Cheese Crunch Cheddar

Cheddar & Egg White High Protein Cheese Crisps - Low Carb, Gluten Free Healthy Crunchy Cheese - Savory, Keto & Diet Friendly Baked Cheese with Natural Ingredients, Pack of 4, 2.25oz Bags 

Size:  4, 2.25 OZ Bags
Brand: HighKey Snacks
Manufactured by Summit Naturals

  • KETO & LOW CARB DIETERS: HighKey Snacks Cheddar Cheese Crunch are a great-tasting, diet-friendly alternative to chips and crackers. Low in carbs and high in protein, these crunches are made with is aged cheddar and egg white protein, making snacking easy and healthy!
  • GLUTEN AND GRAIN-FREE: Mighty Cheese Crunch uses gourmet cheese and egg to provide a no carb, zero sugar, low-calorie and gluten-free snack. With no added preservatives, no gluten, and no fillers our product is a  keto diet friendly substitution for salty carb-loaded snacks.
  • GUILT FREE SNACKING: Made with wholesome ingredients, these snacks have zero carbohydrates and 12g of protein to support macronutrient intake for low carb, high-fat diets.
  • HIGH PROTEIN AND NO CARB: Naturally an excellent source of calcium, our cheese crunches are great on the go, paired with your favorite meal, or as a topping on soups or salads for an extra tasty crunch! Shelf stable, and weight loss friendly, this snack not only tastes good but also fuels the body!
  • SAVORY & SATISFYING: Say goodbye to carb cravings with these crisps. Perfect for dipping, and munching on, these snacks are high in calcium and essential for any dieter as a no carb option! If you don't love them as much as we do, get your money back with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!
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