• 1G NET CARBS & SUGAR FREE: Freedom to enjoy healthy cereal anytime of day! With only 1g net carbs and ZERO sugar, this keto low carb cereal is sure to satisfy cravings while maintaining a balanced diet. Keto protein cereal can be paired with your favorite milk, or turn into krispie keto dessert bars. Our low carb cereal is designed to keep you full and satisfied. Similar to honey nut clusters cereal, honey almond cereal, honey crunch cereal. HighKey honey cereal is sure to brighten your day!
  • 10G PROTEIN & 80 CALORIES: Our Honey Nut Protein breakfast cereal makes for protein rich snacks, protein snacks low carb, and protein clusters. This high protein cereal is great for a post workout meal or as power breakfast foods designed to keep you fuller longer. A perfect low calorie breakfast that only has 80 calories per serving and is packed with natural honey flavor & fresh almonds. Compare to honey nut cereal, protein cereal low carb, keto protein puffs and low carb protein food.
  • GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE CEREAL: A gluten free breakfast cereal that is a pantry staple and built to serve as gluten free protein snacks, gluten free cold cereal, gluten free fiber cereal and grain free breakfast cereal. Freedom to snack with healthy cereal to-go that can be enjoyed as afternoon gluten free low carb snacks. Easily turn this sugar free cereal into breakfast bars low sugar with a few added ingredients. Compare to gluten free food items, keto friendly cereal,and grain free cereal.
  • WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: Made with real fresh almonds and honey, this protein diet food is perfect for maintaining optimal nutrition. Crafted with our HighKey Natural Sweetener Blend which includes raw sweeteners from monk fruit, stevia, allulose, and erythritol, which rank low on the glycemic index to create a delicious cereal healthy treat without any of the guilt! Built to replace your mainstream brand keto cereals, gluten free high fiber cereal, and sugar free breakfast cereal.
  • ENJOY HEALTHY BREAKFAST CEREALS: HighKey Cereal can be used as cereals for diabetics, healthy cereal for adults, and snacks for diabetics. Jump-start your day with this low carb breakfast that is a zero sugar cereal & can be easily crafted into healthy low carb snacks! This high protein low carb cereal makes great for low carb low sugar snacks and healthy snacks high protein. Compare to grain free sugar free cereal, healthy granola cereal, low carb high protein snacks, & no sugar added cereal.

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