Manufacture: HIGHKEY

UPC: 850004801963



2G OF NET CARBS & NO ADDED SUGAR: HighKey Lemon Cupcakes are made with 2g of net carbs, 7g fiber, and only 1g of sugar per serving. Makes for the perfect low sugar snack, low carb cake, and low carb muffin mix. Freedom to enjoy as a paleo cake, paleo dessert, and diabetic snack. This keto muffin mix is a dairy free muffin mix and has a low glycemic index for optimal nutrition. Compare to keto donut mix, gluten free cupcakes, paleo baking mix, low carb sweet treats, keto muffins and more!

GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE LEMON CAKE MIX: Our lemon cupcake mix is made with almond flour and organic coconut flour which makes for moist, fluffy keto cakes. This gluten free baking mix is also a soy & grain free mix. HighKey lemon cakes are a substitute for mainstream cake donut mix,  baking mixes & mug cake mix. This gluten free mix is allergen friendly and sure to satisfy cravings. Our gluten free cake flour is perfect as gluten free muffin mix, gluten free cake mix & gluten free pound cake mix.

WHOLESOME & REAL INGREDIENTS: HighKey's keto friendly & low carb cake mix is packed with real ingredients such as fresh lemon peel and tapioca fiber as well as our signature sweetener blend of monk fruit sweetener, stevia, erythritol, and allulose. Use this keto dessert mix to bake low sugar snacks, low carb dessert, keto dessert, and diabetic cake. A product so versatile you can also make keto mug cake, gluten free mug cake, keto cake cups, paleo cupcakes and low carb desserts.

EASY TO MAKE VEGAN CAKE MIX: Turn this low carb baking mix into vegan baking mix by substituting eggs for avocado, chia seeds, or flaxseed meal and prepare with coconut oil. Enjoy vegan cupcakes, vegan muffins, and vegan dessert straight from your kitchen. Effortlessly prepare vegan gluten free cake by topping with your favorite vegan frosting or vegan icing and serve as a vegan birthday cake, keto birthday cake or gluten free birthday cake.  Compare to vegan muffin mix and vegan cupcake mix.

ENJOY HEALTHY DESSERTS: We're masters in the kitchen and always thinking of new ways to bring foodies health food snacks. Satisfy cravings with our lemon low carb muffins that can be compared to angel food cake, yellow cake mix, lemon pound cake, almond pound cake mix, keto cupcakes and bundt cake mix. Get your dollars worth by using this box cake mix as diabetic cake mix, paleo cake mix, dairy free baking mix, gluten free cupcake mix, gluten free cake mixes and more!