Cocoa Coconut Macaroons


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Title: Highkey Keto Chocolate Macaroon Cookies - Cocoa Coconut Macaroons to Eat for Vegan Snacks & Low Carb Snack Food for Healthy Sugar Free Cookie and Paleo, Ketogenic, and Diabetic Diet Friendly Food

  • Low net carbs and sugar - With 1g net carbs, 90 calories, and less than 1g sugar per serving, our Cocoa Macaroon Cookies are perfect for your low carb diet. No reason to miss out on dessert when you have these keto friendly desserts to snack on, guilt free! These low carb sweets are better for you vegan snacks that you can feel confident about eating. Quench that sweet coconut craving, without the guilt! Compare to coconut biscuits, healthy keto snacks, low carb dessert, and vegan sweets.
  • Vegan & gluten free snack alternative - Enjoy these gluten free coconut snacks crafted with you in mind. These macaroon cookies are dairy free and make the perfect vegan snack, healthy snacks, low carb snack and gluten free snack. These healthy cookies are a great alternative to traditional grocery cookies, brownies, desserts, and snacks. This coconut snack is a delicious grain and gluten free alternative for all to enjoy. Compare to vegan treats, vegan dessert, gluten free desserts and more.
  • Healthy keto & low carb dessert - These healthy paleo snacks are sure to fit your everyday busy routine. Enjoy these keto friendly snacks with a cup of coffee, tea, or even Champaign! HighKey keto macaroons are sure to satisfy cravings without the extra carbs and sugar. Similar to healthy coconut cookies, keto coconut cookies, keto biscuits and keto bites. Our healthy vegan snacks are keto friendly sweets crafted with you in mind, the vegan cookie you've been searching for is here!
  • Wholesome & real ingredients - These low carb cookies are prepared with dried coconut, cranberry and chia seeds and cocoa powder to make delicious keto sweets snacks for you to enjoy. Delicious combination of dried coconut and allulose to create tasty vegan keto low sugar snacks. Perfect as diabetic snacks, diabetic dessert, diabetic cookies, and diabetic treats. Compare to healthy snack foods, paleo desserts, low carb coconut cookies, keto treats and vegan food.
  • Individually wrapped for on the go snacking - Our keto cookie bites are perfectly sized to fit anywhere for an on the go healthy adult snack. Enjoy delicious coconut keto snacks that are built to satisfy hunger and cravings. Each cookie pack comes with 8 filling servings per box so you'll only miss out when you run out! Perfect as keto cookies and snacks, low carb foods, paleo foods, keto vegan cookies, and keto dessert snacks. Enjoy keto approved snacks on the go that are individually wrapped.