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Coconut Macaroons: Cocoa

"The taste is marvelous. The packaging is perfect. This product makes me weep with joy."



Allulose, Dried Coconut, Resistant Cassava Fiber, Cocoa Powder (Processed with Alkali), Cranberry Seeds, Chia Seeds, Natural flavors, Suflower Lecithin, Salt.
Allergens: Coconut


Mounds of Joy

Is there such a thing as too much coconut or too much chocolate? We don't think so. Crack open a box of our Cocoa Coconut Macaroons and enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth combination of two of our favorite flavors. Packed with shredded coconut and cocoa powder, each cookie is moist, chewy and will leave you wondering "how does this have less than 1 gram of sugar?" You. Are. Welcome.

Simple Ingredients

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are packed with benefits, including massive amounts of nutrients with very few calories. Almost all of the carbs in chia seeds are fiber, which your body doesn’t digest. Compared to other plant based foods, they are high protein and a high protein diet lowers appetite and has been shown to reduce obsessive thoughts about food.

Dried Coconut

Coconut is low carb, gluten free and high in protein and fiber. It's also low glycemic so it won't spike blood sugars, which can cause that all-too-familiar feeling of crashing a few hours after eating something sweet.

No Snackrifice Necessary...

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