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Lindsay Malone MS, RDN, CSO, LD
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Thinking about keto snacks? At HighKey, our keto snacks are Gluten Free - Grain free - No Sugar Added - Low Carb

Low Calorie, Healthy Snack Subscription Boxes


Lucky for us, we live in the age of delivery. Literally nothing is off limits - cars, farm animals, prescription medication, you name it. Basically,  if it exists, you can have it delivered. If you can order a new car out of a vending machine from the comfort of your living room, a healthy meal delivered to your front door is chump change. You got this!

When it comes to healthy food delivery, the sky's the limit. When planning your healthy meals for the week, consider all the options for healthy fare that can be brought straight to your front door:

  • Grocery delivery (all types of food)
  • Pantry (non perishable foods)
  • Community supported agriculture (CSA, mostly fresh foods)
  • Snacks
  • Prepared meals
  • Meal kits

With all these options, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Who decides if the foods are truly healthy? What if you’re avoiding certain ingredients? What if you don’t like what’s delivered? We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation and ranked healthy food delivery services for you so you can spend a little less time analyzing and a little more time enjoying your new eats.

So, how do you decide what fits your needs and what are the best choices within each category? 

Picking a Healthy Food Delivery Service

Before you get lost on the interwebs, think about what you really need. Ask yourself a few key questions to help you arrive at the best healthy food delivery service for your needs.

  • Do you want to cook all or some of your meals?
  • Do you prefer meals and snacks to come ready made?
  • What kitchen equipment do you have for meal prep and what do you realistically want to use?
  • Do you want a mix of fresh, frozen and pantry items?
  • Do you want to try new foods or simply stock up on items you know you already like?
  • Do you want to control when things arrive and order as needed or would you prefer to put your delivery on autopilot?

As you read through these questions, you can see there are two ends of the spectrum. One end is ordering ingredients and putting together meals and snacks yourself, and the other is getting everything ready made. The reality is, most people fall somewhere in the middle.

A hybrid approach, blending ingredients with ready made, is a good strategy to limit stress while continuing to try new foods and cooking techniques. With this approach, you’d order some groceries and pantry items using services like Instacart, Amazon Prime Pantry, Whole Foods/Prime Delivery, Thrive Market and/or Butcher Box. And, if you’re lucky enough to have an active community supported agriculture (CSA) service in your area, you might support that as well.  

After stocking up on kitchen essentials, add on a snack box subscription and a few nights of meal kits and you’ve got yourself a week of no hassle healthy eating you can feel good about.

The Top 14 Healthy Snack Subscription Boxes Delivered To Your Door

Healthy snack subscription boxes...where was this when I was in college? Seriously though, what a great way to avoid the trenches of the snack aisle while keeping your cravings in check. Healthy snack subscription boxes are a great supplement to your regular grocery haul. Or if you’re new to food delivery, a nice way to get your feet wet without committing to any new recipes.  

There are many options to choose from in this category. The 14 best are listed here (in no particular order) for you to narrow down the playing field a bit. 

Prices vary based on subscription commitment and upfront payment, generally a longer commitment and higher up front payment results in a cheaper per month box.

Clean.Fit Box 

Cost: Around $30+ per month

About the box: Clean snacks, no artificial ingredients, non-gmo

What’s included: 6-8 snacks, superfoods and/or supplements per month including things like granola bars, collagen, protein bars, grass-fed jerky.

Delivery: monthly with some flexibility (ie. skip a month)

Bonus: each delivery comes with a suggested workout


Cost: starts at $15

About the box: healthy all natural, organic and non-gmo snacks with four options: classic, gluten free, vegan and diet

What’s included: 7+ items in the smallest “mini” box and it goes up from there. No munchy is left behind with this box - beverages, chips, crackers, bars, dried fruit, jerky, chocolate, granola, etc.

Delivery: monthly 

Bonus: Boxes may feature bonus skincare, supplements, and personal hygiene products 


Cost: starts at $35

About the box: nutrient dense, vegan snacks - some are organic, non-gmo and gluten free

What’s included: 10+ items including, nuts, bars, protein powder, fruit, cookies, breakfast options, chips and superfoods

Delivery: monthly 

Bonus: The company has a similar single purchase box on Amazon if you’d prefer to avoid the subscription route.


Cost: Starts at $10 a month

About the box: Clean snacks, no artificial ingredients, 73 banned ingredients including hydrogenated vegetable oil, trans fat and high fructose corn syrup

What’s included: 6 or more snacks (depending on the plan selected) including artisanal bars, nuts and seeds, jerky, chips, popcorn, and healthier crackers and sweets 

Delivery: monthly 

Bonus: larger, shareable office snack packs are available


Cost: Around $24

About the box: healthier snacks with wholesome ingredients, can be tailored for vegan and gluten free diets

What’s included: 11-15 healthier snacks including items like dark chocolate sea-salt covered cashews, chickpea chips and coconut bars

Delivery: monthly 

The Keto Box

Cost: starts at $34

About the box: Keto friendly (<6g net carbs) 

What’s included: 10+ items per month, including low carb snacks, beverages, condiments and baking mixes. The box showcases amazingly keto friendly foods like HighKey’s low carb hot cereal, Moon Cheese, chicharones and kale chips

Delivery: monthly 

Bonus: free 28 day meal plan included with first shipment

Paleo by Maileo

Cost: starts at $34

About the box: Paleo friendly snacks -  no grains, dairy, legumes, or sugar

What’s included: 7-9 items per month including sweet and snacks, drinkables, cooking ingredients like sauces and spreads. Expect superfood creamer, flax crackers, fruit leathers, banana chips and pork rinds.

Delivery: monthly 

Bonus: personal care products and coupons included in every box

Highkey Starter Bundle


Cost: Varies based on product count, $22 - $45 

About the box: keto friendly (low net carb), gluten free

What’s included: 6 full size bags of each product in the keto starter bundle or create your own bundle of cookies, baking mixes, hot cereal, granola and more. Don’t be fooled by the item count, while the starter bundle has fewer items than other snack subscriptions the selections are truly full size.

Delivery: As often as you like, or monthly snack subscription

Bonus: Free bag of Choc-chip Mini cookies! 

Brotein Box

Cost: starts at $38

About the box: Protein packed snacks, no ingredients off limits

What’s included: 10-13 items per month including protein chips, bars, powder and jerky. 

Delivery: monthly 

Bonus: team brotein box offers larger quantities for groups


Cost: starts at $26

About the box: Each snack meets two or more of the following nutritional criteria: non-gmo, gluten free, vegan, all natural, low sugar, high protein, raw

What’s included: 7-10 drinks, jerky, chips, snack bars, granola, innovative snacks like protein cookies

Delivery: monthly 

Bonus: a simple, effective workout is included in each box

Savvy Snack Box

Cost: starts at $25

About the box: healthy snacks the whole family will love, items are non-gmo, organic or all natural. Box can be customized for a gluten free diet. 

What’s included: 7-10 sweet and savory snacks like fruit leathers, bean chips and energy bars

Delivery: monthly 

Bonus: trinket or stickers for the kiddos included in every box

Sugar Smart Box

Cost: starts at $28

About the box: low sugar snacks, most have 0-2g, all have less than 5g

What’s included: 7+ bars, chips, cookies, dried fruits, brownies, brittles and jerky

Delivery: monthly 

Simply AIP

Cost: Starts at $34

About the box: snacks for the Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP) - free of grains, dairy, legumes, eggs, nuts, seeds, industrial seed oils, nightshade plants

What’s included: 6-8 taste tested and AIP approved snacks like jerky bars, dried fruit without added sugars or preservatives, and sweet potato chips

Delivery: monthly 

Bonus: is a bonus needed? This diet is damn hard to follow! You’re welcome for finding this one :)


Cost: around $25

About the box: 100% vegan and cruelty free. This one’s for you PETA members.

What’s included: 10 or more sweet and savory vegan snacks including items like protein cookies, overnight oats, energy bars and chocolate

Delivery: monthly 

There’s a healthy snack subscription box for every style of eating. It doesn’t matter what healthy food camp you’re in, there’s a box for you. And the best part? Most of the boxes have a ‘cancel anytime’ policy so if you’re not happy, just move on down the list.

The Top 8 Healthy Food Delivery Services

If healthy meals are what you’re after, there are plenty of options for you to choose from as well. Don’t worry about bringing that recipe to the store with you, making a list, or rummaging through your cabinets to figure out if you’ve got everything you need, just get those healthy meals delivered and get on with your day!

Factor 75

Cost: around $10 per meal

About the box: No hassle, healthy meal delivery for busy people. All meals are prepared with high quality ingredients. What’s on the “no” list? Soy, conventionally raised animals, refined sugars, gluten and genetically modified ingredients.

Options: keto, paleo, low-carb, vegan, dairy free, vegetarian, low-cal

Cooking required or ready to eat? All meals are prepared and ready to heat then eat. 

Green Chef

Cost: meals starting around $11

About the box: restaurant quality meals for you to prepare at home in around 30 minutes or less. Ingredients are organic and prepped for you (ex. cubed butternut squash) and delivered in sustainable packaging.

Options: keto, paleo, plant-powered, family, balanced (combines meat, seafood and plant based main dishes)

Cooking required or ready to eat? Cooking required

Purple Carrot

Cost: $8 a meal +

About the box: plant based meals that come together in around 40 minutes or less with minimal prep

Options: high protein (plant based protein), gluten free, quick & easy, chef’s choice

Cooking required or ready to eat? Cooking required


Cost: $11+ per meal

About the box: meals made from organic produce, responsibly sourced meat, poultry and fish and house made sauces and spice blends

Options: by far one of the best healthy meal delivery services with options for specific diets including gluten free, vegan vegetarian, carb conscious, pescatarian, lean and clean, chef’s choice and paleo. Best of all, you don’t need to make a commitment, you can mix and match.

Cooking required or ready to eat? Select ready to eat meals to reheat, or pre-prepped meal kits that come together in minutes, or the classic cooking option that takes about 30 minutes.


Cost: $7+

About the box: a highly customizable box featuring fresh ingredients and tailored to your skill level and taste preferences. Unique features include upgrading to premium ingredients and swapping or doubling up on proteins. Homechef has partnered with Kroger so you can also find their meal kits in Kroger stores but you’ll lose the option to customize. 

Options: Despite the ability to customize, Homechef offers relatively few categories in terms of styles of eating - options include vegetarian, calorie conscious, ready in <30 minutes and carb conscious. If you’re eating gluten and dairy free, keto or paleo, you’ll need to comb through the recipes yourself and create a box that meets your needs. So, it will still work but just takes a bit more effort on your part.

Cooking required or ready to eat? Cooking required

Hello Fresh

Cost: $7.50+ per meal

About the box: farm to table ingredients and simple recipes that come pre-prepped for an easy meal making experience. Expect recipes to come together in about 30 minutes or less.

Options: protein, veggies, low calorie, family-friendly

Cooking required or ready to eat? Cooking required


Cost: $8+

About the box: 15 minute meal kits, you read that correctly, this healthy meal kit is hot and on your table in less time than it took you to read this article. Gobble doesn’t note any ingredient standards like pasture raised or organic so if you’re particular, you may need to spend a little more time reading the recipes.

Options: classic vegetarian, lean and clean (low carb, grain free and low cal), gobble lunch (grab n go)

Cooking required or ready to eat? Cooking required, but just barely

Daily Harvest

Cost: 7+ per item

About the box: portable healthy meals designed by dietitians and chefs with farm to table ingredients. Meals are free from preservatives, additives and artificial ingredients. All meals come in large portable cups, making it convenient for eating at your desk or on the go. 

Options: gluten free, keto, paleo, high protein, vegetarian, vegan, low sugar, low cal, 

Cooking required or ready to eat? Just heat and eat

Specialty Healthy Food Subscription

Need more? If you’re looking to fill a void in your shopping trip or healthy meal subscription there are three boxes that deserve a mention in this roundup of healthy food delivery options. 

Imperfect Foods

Cost: varies based on contents but a well rounded box with good variety for 1-2 people is around $50

About the box: less than perfect produce paired with other healthy kitchen staples like eggs, meats and grains. Build your haul according to your needs.

Options: customize based on family size, organic produce and favorite meal of the day

Cooking required or ready to eat? Ingredients can be cooked or eaten raw. Use your thinking cap for this one - raw eggs, please cook, coconut milk, doesn’t really get the idea.

Butcher Box

Cost: 8-11 lbs of mixed beef, pork and lamb for $129 

About the box: sustainable animal foods like grass fed meat, free range organic chicken and heritage pork

Options: beef, pork, poultry, mix and match based on preference

Cooking required or ready to eat? Please, please don’t eat raw meat :) 

Misfits Market

Cost: $22 for 10-13 lbs of fresh organic produce

About the box: ugly organic produce for around 40% less than grocery store prices

Options: small or large box, customizable in some zip codes

Cooking required or ready to eat? it’s up to you!

Bring Home the Bacon

There are endless options for healthy meals, not to mention snacks and other ingredients, that can be  delivered directly to your door without leaving the comfort of your home. Healthy food delivery makes it easier than ever to stay on track with a healthy eating plan. So, what are you waiting for? Simplify healthy eating and give delivery a shot.

Lindsay Malone, MS, RDN, CSO, LD
Lindsay Malone is a Functional and Integrative Medicine dietitian empowering individuals to take charge of their health with evidenced-based nutrition information.



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